Sunday, 9 September 2012

Rosa's Reply

Regretfully, I've been neglecting my journal quite a bit lately. I wish I had valid reason for this, but alas, I have no excuse. We've been fairly busy at the Mission, but no busier than usual.

My lunch with the Boston missionary went well. Her name is Joan, and I she was very nice. I think I taught her some useful things about running a Mission and how to recruit members. Joan was extremely grateful to have a mentor of some kind, and thanked me many times. We decided to exchange telephone numbers, in the case she had a question for me in the future.

I told Adelaide about Sky and Nathan's venture to the races a little while ago. We understand that it is hard to give up something that has been a part of your life for so long, but they both gave us their word that they would not return to the world of gambling. I've talked to Sky, and he's tried to explain his reasoning, but I still feel cross with him. Perhaps I do not understand, as I have not been in his situation, however, I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever change.

For the happier news of the week, I have received Rosa's answer in the post! I've inserted the letter into the pages of my journal.

Dearest Sarah,

You do not know how wonderful it is to hear from you again. I've never forgotten our friendship throughout these past five years, and I doubt I ever will. I have wondered many a time what it would have been like if the family stayed in New York. I imagine it would have been much more agreeable than what I have experienced in reality. I do not want to spoil your day, but this is my news since we spoke last. 
As you know, my brother Albert died in action overseas in nineteen fourty-four. One and a half years after we moved to care for Grandmother, she passed. My father left my mother and we haven't heard from him since. All of this would have happened had we stayed in New York, but they would have been much easier to get through with a friend like you. 
Now, enough of the melancholy. Yes, I have married. His name is Johnathan, and the wedding was last summer. And, for exciting and happy news: we're expecting! The baby is set to arrive in early December, and I am ecstatic. I'm surprised you haven't tied the knot yet, as beautiful as you are. We must talk again soon! Johnny is traveling to New York on business come October. Possibly I could come along and we could meet over dinner? 

Take care,

I don't know what to feel for Rosa. Sadness and empathy for her losses, or delight at her recent happiness? Maybe both? The fact is, I cannot wait to see her again if I can. I didn't know quite how much I miss my friend until I received her letter. I hope to hear from her again soon.

All my love,
-Miss Brown

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