Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Relief and Excitement!

It's been a while since I've written in here, but something significant has happened in that time: Auntie has returned to full health! Around mid-week, last week she was walking about and making tea and things. Now the illness has left her body and the Mission is fully operational again. This is a huge relief off my shoulders. Now I can focus on on rehabilitating clients at work (and one specific gambler we all know whom I caught heading to the races...with another familiar gambler). I think I must have a word with Adelaide about those two. We may have a problem on our hands. 

The General stopped by yesterday to check on the progress of the Mission. She was delighted at our recent successes and to hear that Auntie is well again. She also brought with her exciting information! They are opening a Mission in Boston. The woman who will be running it is just a little younger than me (nineteen) and has never done anything like this on her own before. At the moment she still lives here, in New York, and she'll be moving in two weeks' time. The General is asking me, while she's still in town, to meet with her and giver advice. We will meet and talk over lunch on Saturday afternoon.

I'm very excited to be doing this! I wish I could have had such advice before I started my job at the Mission. I had Auntie helping a little, of course, but I had to learn on the job. Ah, well...we've done fairly well in any case. 

Still no word from Rosa, but I'm not even sure she'll answer my letter. 

I hope she will,
-Miss Brown

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