Monday, 6 August 2012

The Ball of Anxiety

I'm beginning to worry about Auntie again. She was better, but she began to weaken a little again. Dr. Scannell performed his daily assessment, and assured me that she will be healthy soon, but the ball of anxiety is still tight in my chest. When she isn't sleeping, she's coughing out a lung. It is almost too painful to listen to. The poor dear can only eat soft foods, for the coughing has left her throat raw and sore.  I do hope the Lord will spare her much more of this torture. 

Today, Sky came to visit me at Auntie's house. She was asleep, so he stayed with me while I made some soup for the evening's meal. I'm extremely grateful for the company. The past few days have dragged on and on, listening to Auntie's illness ameliorate, and deteriorate gradually. I haven't talked much, except to ask if Arvide needed anything, so it all burst out of me at once. I must have been going on for a quarter of an hour before Sky stopped me by planting one right on me. It was a little unorthodox, but I got the picture. 

Sky arrived at approximately three thirty, and is still here with me, at ten thirty. He's currently dozing on the sofa, looking very peaceful. As for me, I am sitting in the armchair next to him, marveling at the fact that one of the most important people to me is kind enough to be with me while I care for another of the most important people to me. For some reason, this thought is truly very calming for me. The ball of anxiety is loosening slightly, and I think I might be able to get some shut-eye tonight. 

Wish me luck,
-Miss Brown

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