Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sarah Brown: The Worried, Sleep Deprived Nurse

This week has not been as blissful as the last few. Auntie Arvide has fallen ill. It started as a mild cough, but within a few days it developed into a hacking, painful one. Auntie's immune system has been weak since a very young age, and so she's been bedridden since Sunday. I called a doctor (Dr. Scannell) I was so worried about her. Dr. Scannell assured me that she will recover. But along with this relieving news, he told me that until then, Auntie will have to be in heavy care.

The Mission will have to shut down for a while until she gets better, as I will be on nursing duty twenty-four hours a day. I have been waiting on her hand and foot, and have barley gotten any sleep. I don't mind helping of course, but won't be able to visit Sky or Adelaide. It will only be for a short while, but sitting at her beside while Auntie sleeps, I am already feeling loneliness creeping up upon me.

Perhaps someone will come to the house to see me for a short while. Meanwhile, I will pray they do and that my dearest aunt will recover soon. Maybe I'll work on writing a bit more now that I have the time. I might send letters to the girls I knew in school. I'll write in here quite a bit as well I assume...probably everyday!

Auntie is stirring. I think I should prepare her dinner and evening medicine.

Pray for her,
-Miss Brown

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