Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cleaning, Conversations, and Cutlery!

Sky left Tuesday morning, and he returned only a few minutes ago. He volunteered to go to the shop to get more milk for Auntie and I, bless him! That's where he is now, so I have a little time to write. Yesterday was rather lonely for me, but Auntie's health has been improving enough for her to talk and stay awake longer. She still doesn't hold lengthy conversations, as she days the pain in her throat is too great for that.

This morning Adelaide came to visit, and she decided to help me clean the house (it has fallen into disarray since Auntie got sick). We spent the majority of the day tidying, sweeping, and mopping, socializing all the way.

After we had exhausted all the conversation topics we could think of, everything went quiet. We were washing the dishes at this time. Apart from the clinking of dishes and the splashing of water, nothing had made a sound in a long while. So, when Nathan came in, apparently soundlessly, and put a hand on each of our shoulders, we got quite the fright. Both of us jumped about a foot in the air and dropped what we were holding. The teacup in my hand slipped through my fingers and shattered on the edge of the sink. Adelaide's handful of cutlery clattered to the bottom of the basin, splashing everything in hot water. According to Nathan, this was absolutely hilarious. I doubt he'll ever let us forget it. Ah, well. We'll get our revenge someday!

After clearing up the broken china and wiping up the water, we sat down and talked. Around four thirty, Adelaide and Nathan went on their way, and I began to prepare dinner (tonight was tomato soup). I had a nice conversation with Auntie over our soup (today was a talkative day!). Soon after though, she fell asleep again. 

Sky is back now, with our milk! I suppose that's my queue to put down my pen...

Best wishes!
-Miss Brown

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