Sunday, 15 July 2012

Embracing My Feminine Side

I seem to be addressing this journal as a person. I realize this is quite silly, but I like it. I apologize to you, journal, if you are a man, as this next entry is on the subject of Miss Adelaide's wedding gown shopping.

I woke bright and early and Adelaide arrived at my home. We stayed in for perhaps an hour to socialize and whatnot before taking a cab to Adelaide's chosen bridal boutique. She gushed about dress details for the entire commute.
"I'm unsure whether I prefer the modest style, or the more modern one. What do you think? My mother would tell me 'Adelaide, dear, that skirt needs a little more length!' as she always did when I was a little girl, if I chose a modern dress. But the girls at the Hot Box would advise me to avoid the modest styles mother would suggest. Oh, and veils! I love my veil that I bought three years ago, but I don't know if it will match my gown. If it doesn't, should I buy another?"

That is only a small excerpt of her ramblings. I love her, but she's slightly off her rocker.
We arrived at the shoppe in the late morning so we decided to browse awhile, then have lunch. A few items caught Adelaide's attention, so after we ate, she tried them on. We had a lovely chat while she tried dress after dress. She and I always seem to have the most wonderful and thoughtful conversations.

When we finally had narrowed it down to two gowns, it was well into the afternoon. Both were very beautiful on her. One was a modest, floor-length white gown with long lace sleeves, lace on a portion of the back and collar, and lace and tulle all along the skirt. The waist was fitted so the skirt flowed out accenting Adelaide's figure. It was more war-era than I think she liked, so she decided on the other option. This dress is tea-length and a pretty ivory color. The waist is also fitted so the skirt flows out, but slightly wider. The sleeves are free of lace and stop slightly above the elbows. The bodice is wrapped in a criss cross pattern, making the collar a wide V. My favorite feature that I believe really ties the dress together, is the skirt hem, which is a soft lace.

She was ecstatic that she had finally found the dress of her dreams. I think her happiness actually came from the feeling that the thing she had waited fourteen years for was finally becoming a reality. She was jumping up and down and squealing, which is something I have only seen in films, so that was quite the experience. She promptly stopped when the nice woman that works there came into the room. She did, however, give me a tight hug and exclaimed, "Thank you for helping me choose! You are the best maid of honor a girl could have!"
This surprised me, but I was extremely touched. I cannot express my gratitude towards her. It warms my heart and soul that she chose me for this role in her wedding. All I could do was return her embrace.

We left the boutique with smiles on our faces, a wedding gown in tow, and a wonderful story with which to go home and bore the men. How could the day have gone any better?

Yours truly,
-Miss Brown

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