Friday, 20 July 2012

Music and Stress

I've been extremely busy lately. We've has quite a few people at the Mission lately, but even so, I've had to do more recruitment. A few people have come to us with a loved one whom they believe is straying from God's path. This is welcome of course, but it is difficult to help someone who does not wish to be helped. I want these people to find the way, but the process is very stressful for me. 

And yes, I've begun to convince Sky to see how harmful gambling can be. The situation with his bet with Nathan has made him think twice, but I can't tell he longs for the traveling and the casinos. It is understandable that he thinks this way, as you cannot change someone's culture in a fortnight, but hopefully I'll get through to him. 

 In other news, Sky is taking me to what I assume is a concert tonight. I'm excited, but also nervous. I have never attended such an event, and I don't know how I should act. I am also wondering what we're to do there. Will there be tables and a meal, or just a seating arrangement? Will I be expected to dance? The last time I dance was in Havana. I was absolutely dreadful, so I hope I mustn't embarrass myself for a second time. Also, what should I wear? Will it be formal, or casual? Adelaide will know, I shall ask her!
Perhaps I worry too much. In any case, I will write about it tomorrow. 

Best Wishes,
 -Miss Brown

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