Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tea, Anyone?

So sorry I haven't been writing very often lately. I've been ever so happy, and have not thought to write about it. I've noticed that the only two subjects I've ever written to you about have been Sky and the Mission! How utterly dull! So, today I thought I should talk about something else. Something just as important as love and faith: friendship.

Adelaide called me on the telephone yesterday evening asking me if I'd like to visit her and drink some tea. Of course, I said yes. How could refuse such a lovely invitation from such a lovely young woman? We made arrangements for noon today, so we could enjoy a lunch in the city as well.

We met at nice restaurant downtown. As soon as she saw me she hugged me and we exchanged our respective greetings. We sat at our table beside the window and made small talk until I could not wait another moment and I had to know. The question tumbled out of my mouth. "Have you repaired your relationship with Nathan?!" She giggled and replied "Yes!" She told me that not only had the relationship been repaired, but the engagement as well. This was wonderful news!
Adelaide and I had a lengthy chat about men and relationships, as women do, over our meal (which was delightful by the way). We finished lunch, paid, and then took a stroll to Adelaide's house. There, we put a kettle on and settled into comfortable armchairs in Adelaide's beautiful salon. 
Sipping our tea, my friend began to tell me about her wedding. The happy couple actually have a bit of a timeline; hopefully sometime in autumn. She showed me her veil that she bought three years ago! It was so beautiful. She will be stunning on her wedding day, I know it! She began to ramble about plans, but I was right along with her. I was happy for Martha, but Adelaide's marriage seems more personal. I suppose it is because I helped it happen. Or simply perhaps because I am closer with her. 
She then asked me if I would like to help her find a wedding dress. I was honoured that she asked me, and of course I agreed! I think it will be quite pleasant. I believe I may have found a best friend!

We will probably do it next week sometime.  I will remember to write about it for you!

Best wishes,
-Miss Brown

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