Saturday, 21 July 2012

Patti Page's Angelic Voice

Last night was wonderful. I was nervous at first, but I was having the time of my life by the time we went home.

As soon as I wrote my last entry, I called Adelaide on the telephone. I needed fashion advice, and that is definitely her area of expertise. When I told her where we were going, she actually put down the telephone and brought one of her dresses to my house. It was held up by a halter around the neck and its scarlet material flowed down to the floor. The bodice was wrapped around the torso, beginning under the chest, and stopping just above the hips. Simply gorgeous. Adelaide made me wear it, and I'm ever so grateful for her generosity, as I fell in love with it slightly.

Sky ensured that I didn't eat before we left, so my suspicions that there would be dinner were confirmed. The food was scrumptious. The wine was as well, but due to the effects I've experienced with alcohol, I made sure I sipped it slowly. There was live music also, which I had guessed. Sky told me the singer, who was beautiful and very talented, was named Patti Page. He said we were lucky, because Miss Page usually sings at larger and fancier venues.
I was quite enjoying her music, and I noticed people getting up to dance. It was nice to sit there watching the women and their beaus swaying in rhythm with the song. I was lost in my thoughts, though not really thinking about anything in particular, when Sky asked me to dance. I accepted of course, but I was worried I would make a fool of myself again. I did not, however, I just did my best to follow Sky's lead. It took some concentration at first, but after the first song it came naturally.

As I danced with my darling to the sound of Miss Page's angelic voice, I realized how happy I am. I don't think I've ever felt so joyful. I've been blessed by God to have so many wonderful people in my life. So now all I can do is pray my happiness will last.

Sincerely yours,
-Miss Brown

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