Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Risky Buisiness

I went through a large range of emotions yesterday. Perhaps you'll be able to pick them out.

I awoke this morning feeling quite peaceful, until I remembered the task at hand. Then the butterflies began fluttering again. The same thoughts flowed endlessly through my mind: What if he hates me? What if I've missed my opportunity? Of course, there's no use worrying over the inevitable, so I set out to find Sky. I immediately realized I had no idea where I could find him. The only person I could think of who would know was Nicely Nicely Johnson. Nicely told me he saw Sky earlier at a cafe called Artigiano on Broadway and I went there at once. 

I walked in and saw Sky sitting alone at a table in the corner. I felt my stomach squirm, but I knew I had to keep going. I walked over and sat down. He seemed quite surprised to see me, but he didn't say anything.
I began by telling him I was sorry. I said that I had realized it was wrong for me to simply assume he was behind the crap game in the Mission. He was resentful at first, but he soon understood that I meant what I said. When I finally brought myself to tell him that I really do love him, rather than saying he did or did not return my feelings, he apologized. He apologized for making the bet.

He wanted to explain it from the beginning, so I will as well. Nathan was having trouble finding a location for his crap game, but Joey Biltmore offered him his garage for the price of one thousand dollars. Nathan did not have a thousand dollars to give Mr. Biltmore, so he made a bet with Sky that he could not take me to Havana. Sky could not pass up a bet, so he accepted. He told me, "At first it was just a bet, but I found myself feeling something more for you. I genuinely care for you, and I'm sorry." I simply smiled at this, but on the inside my mind was reeling.

We left the cafe and walked hand in hand down Broadway. It didn't have to be said, but it was understood. Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown are going steady.

Lots of love,
-Miss Brown

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