Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dancing, Alcohol, and Gambling

Much has happened since we last spoke. Too much. I'll do my best to explain it, but it will be lengthy. I'll try to write how I felt about it at the time, not how I feel about it now. The two are so very different.

Yesterday evening, Sky and I went to El Cafe Cubana. It was a wonderful place. Kind people, beautiful view, etc. Sky ordered me what he said was a milkshake. It was delicious, so I had another. And another. It must have been something stronger than a milkshake, because soon after, I lost myself.
A beautiful Cuban dancer left her partner and came over to our table. She asked Sky to dance, and he accepted. For some reason, I felt a surge of emotion. Jealousy took over, and I found myself dancing with the Cuban woman's partner. I suppose this was an attempt to make Sky jealous too. Of course, it failed. Next I did something sinful, and I beg the Lord for forgiveness. I slapped her. I hit the woman with whom Sky was dancing. She hit me back. We began to fight, causing the entire cafe to erupt into a chaotic frenzy. I don't know exactly how long I was fighting with this woman, but eventually Sky pulled me away to the beach.
It wasn't until after the effects of the alcohol wore off that I began to regret what I did, so I was still giddy with adrenaline. I did another mad thing. I kissed Sky. I kissed Sky Masterson. I don't know how, but one simple gesture opened up a whole new part of me that I never even knew existed! I had the time of my life. If I were a bell, I would have been ringing! Sky then suggested we go home. I didn't want to, so I protested, but he insisted. We got on the plane and headed back to New York.

When we arrived home, finally sober, it was four in the morning. We were walking down the street when we met a woman. She already knew Sky, and he introduced her as "Miss Adelaide". She had recently gotten engaged, and seemed very much in love.
I think this inspired Sky, because he started to change. He told me he loved being out at night, and this was "his time of day". He then said that I was the only doll he'd ever wanted to share it with him. I couldn't believe this was happening. He then shocked me even more. He told me his real name: Obediah. I knew then that I had fallen in love with him. I had never been in love before, but I felt the confidence to profess my feelings. After they had poured out, we kissed. It was a magical moment.Obviously, we had kissed before, but this was different.
Unfortunately, our moment was interrupted by Auntie and the girls. They asked me where I had been, but our conversation was short lived. A group of men ran out of the Mission, crying, "Canasta!" It was Nathan Detroit and his illegal, floating crap game, closely followed by Lieutenant Brannigan.
It was common knowledge that Mr. Detroit had been out of luck finding a venue for his crap game.  I then understood why Sky had taken me to Havana. Not because he had feelings for me, but so the gamblers could use our Mission for their game! How could he play with my feelings like this?

I knew it would be a risk to fall for Sky Masterson, of all men, but I never knew my heart could be broken like this. I don't know why I ever trusted a gambler. One thing is for certain, I won't make that mistake again. It's no good. When I told Sky that, he asked, "What the hell kind of doll are you, anyway?" 

Well, Sky, I'm a Mission doll.

Yours truly,
-Miss Brown

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