Sunday, 3 June 2012

Intro to Sarah

Hello everyone! I don't think I will be any good at this, but Auntie said it would keep me busy, so I'll try. I suppose I should start by introducing myself and my friends and family. My name is Sarah Brown and I am twenty-one years old. My mother died in childbirth and my father died of tuberculosis shortly thereafter. My mother's sister, Arvide, has been taking care of me ever since. She and I run a small Mission in New York close to Broadway. Recently we have been going to Broadway trying to recruit members. I will give you updates on our progress on resisting the Devil. Other members of our mission include Calvina, Agatha, and Martha, who form our own little marching band. I don't understand why anyone would be interested in my life, but for Auntie, I'll refresh your knowledge none the less!

Until the next time,
-Miss Brown

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