Monday, 4 June 2012

Meet Mr. Masterson

The day has changed from "normal" to something I cannot describe. As it happens, my words do seem to have touched a sinner today. You may be thinking that this is a wonderful thing, as did I at first. But I assure you, it did not end as I had hoped.

A young man named Sky Masterson came to our mission this afternoon. He asked if we took sinners, and, of course, we took him in at once! He told us that his life was full of sin, as he was a gambler. He asked us to help him find the right path. We all believed him. He seemed ever so sincere. After a few minutes, Auntie and the girls left to continue our recruitment, but I stayed behind to talk to Mr. Masterson.

When we were alone, I gave him some helpful pamphlets and informed him about our midnight prayer meeting next Thursday, June thirteenth. He accepted the pamphlets and quickly said he would attend the meeting, but he seemed to be rushing to say something else. What he wanted to do was invite me to dinner. When I refused, he offered to repay the favor by making sure at least a dozen sinners came to our prayer meeting. He seemed to think no one would come otherwise, and secretly I agreed. His offer was tempting, so I asked where the restaurant was. His answer was, if can you believe it, Havana! Havana, Cuba! Sometimes I believe men are complete dogs. I am ashamed to say it, but I lost a bit of control on my temper. We argued about love and the perfect partner. However, when he started to describe the perfect love, he seemed sweet and charming. I was even considering going to Havana with him... until he kissed me. I was stunned at first, frozen in position, but then I regained my senses. How dare a man who had hardly made my acquaintance make such advances?  Once again I lost my temper. I slapped him. I feel he deserved it. But at the same moment, I feel ever so slightly that feeling of guilt. No matter, I just hope I mustn't see Sky Masterson again.

 Yours in Christ,
- Miss Brown

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