Monday, 18 June 2012

A Quick Message...

Since the meeting, our success at the Mission has greatly increased. Some of the gamblers seem so have spread the word, and some have even come back for advice! We have had many men and women seeking God come to us in the past three or four days. I won't mention names of course, as I'm sure they would prefer that information remain private, but I'm very inspired by their courage. 

Martha has told me some wonderful news. She and her beau have gotten engaged and the wedding is in December! I'm ever so happy for them, but now I feel like one of those typical women in films who are always moping about being reminded of how painfully single they are, and how the man they love does not return their feelings. Oh, how I don't want to be one of those women! Especially when "the man I love" happens to be Sky Masterson. Ah, well, I'll try to focus on the Mission and being happy for Martha. 

All the best,
-Miss Brown

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